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HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

Product Introduction

Five reasons for choosing Cina charm HZS90 concrete batching plant:

1. The main machine adopts JS1500 concrete mixer independently developed by Cina charm, with strong mixing ability, uniform and rapid mixing, high productivity, service life of more than 50000 cans, full coverage of concrete label, boiling mixing and excellent performance.

2. Pld2400 concrete batching machine is used for aggregate batching. The loader is used for loading, and the aggregate measuring scale is used for measurement. The time is short, the error value is small, the measurement accuracy is high, the reliability is high, and the safety performance is good. The inclined belt conveyor is used for aggregate feeding. There is an aggregate storage bucket above the mixing tank, which can store one tank of aggregate for standby.

3. The whole process of batching, mixing and discharging is controlled automatically by the electric control system. The control system can switch between automatic, semi-automatic and manual control and these three working modes without disturbance. The work is safe and reliable. The control room has good heat and sound insulation effect, air conditioning, and the whole set of concrete mixing station has high cost performance.

4. Omni directional three-dimensional spray system, cleaning, high efficiency and low consumption; open material door design, high pressure drive, rapid unloading.

5. The whole set of equipment adopts combined structure, which makes it very convenient to install and move the whole machine.

Product Details

1. Mixing system

The mixing system of HZS90 concrete batching plant is composed of motor, belt conveyor, reducer, mixing tank, mixing device, transmission system, oil supply system, etc. JS1500 double horizontal shaft forced mixer is used in the main mixer, which is suitable for all kinds of concrete with aggregate size less than or equal to 100 mm.

2. Metering system

The weighing system of pl2400 concrete batching machine is adopted in HZS90 concrete batching plant, which is composed of storage hopper, weighing hopper and transportation mechanism. The weighing system of powder, water and additive is composed of weighing bucket and sensor, and the weighing control is completed by the control system.

3. Feeding system

Aggregate supply system. This part is composed of the feeding mechanism and weighing system of pl2400 concrete batching machine, which can be equipped with four kinds of aggregates.

Powder supply system. This part is composed of cement silo and cement screw conveyor. The cement is directly transported from the cement silo to the cement weighing hopper for measurement by screw conveyor.

4. Electrical control system

The electrical control system of HZS90 concrete batching plant is mainly composed of strong current control with console and AC contactor as the core. The whole system is installed in the control room, which can complete the automatic and semi-automatic control of the whole process of batching, lifting, mixing and discharging production.

5. Air system

The air source is supplied by w-1.0/10 type air compressor, and the air after filtering water and refueling enters into each branch through the sub air bag. The gas path is divided into aggregate feeding, mixer discharging, cement discharging, arch breaking of cement silo, admixture mixing and other parts.

Technical Parameters

Model HZS90 HZS120 HZS150 HZS180
Discharging Capacity (L) 1500 2000 2500 3000
Charging Capacity(L) 2400 3200 4000 4800
Maximum Productivity(m³/h) 90 120 150 180
Charging Model belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor
Standard Discharging Height(m) 4.2 3.8~4.5 4.5 4.5
Number of Species of Aggregate 4 4 4 4
Maximum Aggregate Size(mm) ≤80mm ≤120mm ≤150mm ≤180mm
Cement/Powder Silo Capacity(set) 3×100T 4×100T or 200T 4×200T 4×200T
Mixing Cycle Time(s) 60 60 30 30
Total Installed Capacity(kw) 198.06 210 230 288