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YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Product Introduction

Mobile batching plant is a concrete mixing equipment which integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control system of traditional fixed concrete mixing plant into a single trailer unit; it is identical with all production processes, operation modes and maintenance methods of fixed automatic mixing plant; meanwhile, it has the advantages of flexible movement, quick disassembly and easy storage It is a good model for mobile construction of highway, railway, bridge, port, hydropower and other projects.

Product Details

1. Main engine chassis: it is a cantilever mixing main engine chassis, which contains Trailer Truck traction pin and parking leg; the metering scale of mixer, cement and water admixture is placed on the chassis; inspection platform and railings are attached around the chassis.

2. Control room: the control room is at the bottom of the chassis of the main engine, which is equipped with the full-automatic control system of the mixing plant. The control system is the same as that of the fixed mixing plant. In the working state, the control room is used as the front support point of the whole plant. During the transit transportation, the control room is folded and stored in the support space, and all its control lines do not need to be disassembled.

3. Aggregate batching and metering: the system is located at the rear end of the whole plant, and the upper part is aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper, which can be divided into 2 or 4 grids, and is equipped with heightening plate to increase the storage capacity. The pneumatic door is opened in turn, and the aggregate metering is the cumulative metering mode of various materials. The bottom is equipped with walking rear axle and working frame outrigger.

4. Belt conveyor frame: the frame is a truss structure connecting the chassis of the main machine and the aggregate batching frame, with a belt frame inside; the main frame, the belt frame and the batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the whole Mobile concrete batching plant.

5. Peripheral parts: cement silo and screw conveyor. The peripheral parts are integral parts no matter when they work or transport, so they do not need to be disassembled, so they can be transported and disassembled as a whole.

6. Mixing machine: JS type forced mixer is generally used, which can quickly and evenly mix the flowing and dry hard concrete.

Technical Parameters

project YHZS25 YHZS35 YHZS50 YHZS60 YHZS75
Maximum productivity 25m3/h 35m3/h 50m3/h 60m3/h 75m3/h
Mixer model JS750 JS750 JS1000 JS1000 JS1500
Batcher model PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD1600 PLD2400
Conveyer capacity of belt conveyer(t/h) 200 200 400 400 400
Drag speed(km/h) 15 15 15 15 15
Wheelbase (lateral) (mm) 2800 3200 3400 3400 3400
Turning radius (mm) 11 15 15 15 15
Total power (kW) 35 38 60 85 90
Unloading height (m) 4 4 4 4 4